Welcome Toddler 2 Parents

Classroom Announcements


The month of October was a lot of fun for Toddler 2!  They started the month with Fall inspired activities such as pumpkin picking, baking cookies, and raking leaves.  Some of the art included apple stamping, leaf collages, and making their own scarecrows!  The Toddler 2 class also experienced science activities and made a apple volcano explosion (baking soda and vinegar), and got to carve a pumpkin.  They explored the inside of the pumpkin and talked about the color, texture, and smell.  They ended the month with Halloween inspired activities such as making spider web art, their own Halloween bags, and mummies.  Everyone enjoyed dressing up for the parade!  

Next month the Toddler 2 class will be learning about Harvest in preparation for Thanksgiving.  They will learn all about the fruits and veggies in a cornucopia. 

Happy Thanksgiving!