Infant Classroom

Ages 6 weeks to 1 year

   The infant classroom is a small and nurturing room that allows for each child to have individual attention. Our teachers give special attention to ensure that each child has the type of care they need from tummy time to gross motor. Additionally, the teachers use a play based curriculum allowing for plenty of creative time such as arts and crafts and painting. This also allows for the students to have sensory engagement. Additionally, the younger children have access to a smaller separate playground to allow for plenty of outdoor time in the warmer weather.

Staff Ratio 1:3

Music Play

Physical Development and Gross Motor Skill

Art and Creative Play


Rita Carraher

Miss Rita has worked with children from infancy to 8th grade. She holds an Associate Degree as a professional and has worked with special needs/learning disabled children.

Assistant Teacher

Luisa Jaramillo

Associates in Early Childhood Education from Ecuador

Miss Luisa worked in public school for 5+ years in her native country Ecuador and 4 years in childcare in the US. She enjoys hiking, going to the beach, and working out at the gym.