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Sunbeam Classroom

Ages 4 years to 5 years

    The Sunbeam Classroom works to prepare our students for kindergarten. Our teachers focus on skills and subjects that the students have been introduced to throughout their time at Palmer. Here they are able to work on larger interesting projects and units. A focus in the Sunbeams Classroom is to build strong social and emotional skills. A few key goals are getting along with others, following directions, regulating emotions and behaviors, and appropriate problem solving solutions.

    As the students are preparing for kindergarten we work to increase their independence, especially during lessons students are able to work at certain stations without supervision. A large focus of the classroom is to ensure we care for the whole student including their social and emotional growth. They learn to communicate not only with teachers but also peers and how to express their needs or wants in an appropriate manner. As the teachers engage in the school's creative curriculum they are able to focus on the student's passions and work on creating life long learners.



Head Teacher

Amanda Carroll


Miss Amanda has a Bachelors Degree in Early Childhood Education from LaSalle Univ. She is a former proud Palmer Parent and has been a teacher here for 5+ years. 

She enjoys fitness training, gardening,  and Cape Cod.

Assistant Teacher

Wafaa Toumas

Miss Wafaa has a bachelor's degree in education and has taught elementary school children  for over 20 years. She immigrated from Egypt and is now an American citizen. Miss Wafaa has 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren.


Assistant Teacher

Amany Matta

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