The Sunbeam Classroom works to prepare our students for kindergarten. Our teachers focus on skills and subjects that the students have been introduced to throughout their time at Palmer. Here they are able to work on larger interesting projects and units. One of the student's favorite projects is during our ocean studies week where the classroom becomes an aquatic wonderland. During this week the student's complete arts and crafts projects, read informational texts and have guided class discussions.

    As the students are preparing for kindergarten we work to increase their independence, especially during lessons students are able to work at certain stations without supervision. A large focus of the classroom is to ensure we care for the whole student including their social and emotional growth. They learn to communicate not only with teachers but also peers and how to express their needs or wants in an appropriate manner. As the teachers engage in the school's creative curriculum they are able to focus on the student's passions and work on creating life long learners.

    Some of the student's favorite events of the year include Thanksgiving luncheon and weekly library trips. 

Head Teacher

Cindy Yost

Associates in Early Childhood Education from RVCC

 Miss Cindy has recently joined the staff at The Palmer School. She has four children. In her spare time she loves to garden, go hiking, and bird watching. 


Megan Cain

Degree in   

Early Childhood Education

Miss Megan has been with the Palmer School for 4 years. She is fluent in American Sign Language and enjoys cooking Italian cuisine. 

Asst. Teacher/

Asst. Director

Carrie Malin

Bachelors in Elementary Education from

University of Florida

Miss Carrie has been with the school for 10+ years.  She enjoys cooking and traveling to see her family in Florida.