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Rainbow Classroom

Ages 3 years to 4 years

    The Rainbow classroom is a place of great growth for students as they introduce new subjects and work on existing skills. Students are able to work on building a sense of autonomy and independence not only in play but also their learning. This extends into their self-help skills where students assist at drop-off with coats, lunch with plating and pouring. The teachers utilize the school's creative curriculum during lessons which allows for students to be engaged through play. Subject areas include reading, name writing, number sense and identification, science, and social studies. By engaging each of these subjects the students expand not only their learning but their knowledge of the world around them. Rainbows also continue to work on their social and emotional development, such as problem-solving and emotional coping. 


Janyia_1852 (5).jpg


Janyia Mcgainey Rogers

Miss Janyia is currently enrolled at Rutgers University studying political science with a minor in education. She has 10 years of childcare experience as she comes from a family of teachers. She enjoys dancing, hiking, and eating with her famly.


Assistant Teacher

Isabella DePaolis

Miss Isabella is new to The Palmer School staff. She recently graduated with a bachelor's degree in psychology from Marist College. Isabella enjoys hiking, swimming, and exploring new places.

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