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Toddler 2 Classroom

Ages 2 year to 3 years

   Here our students begin to learn new skills with a dedicated

team such as communication skills, potty training, and more.

As the student's curiosity piques, they will advance their learning with fine motor skills, number sense, etc. Here we establish the basic skills for a lifetime of learning. Full of energy our students also begin to explore the Nature Center hidden behind the smaller playground of the school. In Toddler 2, the teachers work with children to encourage self help skills such as putting away backpacks, putting on coats, sharing, and taking turns while engaging in small group play.



Kelsey DeLeon

Miss Kelsey was born and raised in Somerset Co. and has recently earned an Associates Degree in Biology from RVCC. She has worked with children for many years. She loves children. Kelsey cares deeply about her family, and her dog Beatrix.



Laurie Oswald

Miss Laurie has her CDA in Infant and Toddler care. She loves taking walks and listening to music.  Her special love is her dog Zoe!

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