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Toddler 2 Classroom

Ages 2 year to 3 years

   Here our students begin to learn new skills with a dedicated

team such as communication skills, potty training, and more.

As the student's curiosity piques, they will advance their

learning with fine motor skills, number sense, etc. Here we

establish the basic skills for a lifetime of learning. Full of energy

our students also begin to explore the Nature Center hidden

behind the smaller playground of the school. 

Bachelors in Elementary Education from

University of Florida

     Miss Carrie has been with the school for 10+ years. She enjoys cooking and traveling to see her family in Florida.

Toddler 2 Teacher/

Assistant Director


Carrie Malin



Staff Ratio 1:6

Exploration of Local Community

Physical Development of Gross Motor Skills

Social and Emotional Skills


Teacher Assistant

Sofia Rolon

Pursuing Associates in Early Childhood Education from RVCC

Born in Buenos Aries 

Argentina Miss Sofia has worked at Palmer School for several years. She enjoys reading. Her favorite book series is Harry Potter.

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