Toddler 2 Classroom

Ages 2 year to 3 years

Welcome to Toddler 2! September is here and that means a new classroom to explore and learn. For those who do not know me, my name is Miss Jackie and assisting me will be Miss Anna.  In the Toddler 2 room, our goal is to have the children learn new skills, and to gain independence and confidence through play. They might say this is the “terrible twos” and “no!” stage, but this is a fun time where toddlers begin to shape their own characteristics and their curiosity blooms. Their language, social/emotional, physical, and cognitive development will develop each day throughout the school year through many fun activities and also while engaging with others. I am so excited to get to know everyone!


In September our theme is “All About Me” and we will be spending the first month exploring the classroom, getting to know our classmates and teachers, and learning about “me”. Some of the weekly themes will include “Getting to know the classroom”, “About me/Family”, “My five senses/Body”, “My Emotions”, “My Opposites”, etc. Each week will have something different and fun depending on the activity plan for the week. During the day, the children will have free access to each of the centers in the classroom (Art center, Library area, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Music, Science etc.) while having small group activities throughout the day. Some small group activities might include an art or science activity that correspond to that week’s theme. This month’s activities can include painting on the easel, making playdoh, making sensory bottles for the classroom, and getting our senses engaged with sand and rice in the sensory table.


Again, welcome to Toddler 2. This school year will be so much fun. Please do not hesitate to ever ask me or Miss Anna any questions throughout the school year. See you soon!

                                       Miss Jackie and Miss Laurie


Head Teacher 

Laurie Oswald

Miss Laurie has her CDA in Infant and Toddler care. She loves taking walks and listening to music.  Her special loves are her pets; ET & Zoe!

Renee 1x1.jpg

Teacher Assistant

Renee Allsopp

Miss Renee is currently studying Education at Raritan Valley Community College. She loves playing with her dog and going hiking.

   Here our students begin to learn new skills with a dedicated team such as communication skills, potty training, and more. As the student's curiosity piques they will advance their learning with fine motor skills, number sense, etc. Here we establish the basic skills for a lifetime of learning. Full of energy our students also begin to explore the Nature Center hidden behind the smaller playground of the school. 

Staff Ratio 1:6

Physical Development of Gross Motor Skills

Exploration of Local Community

Social and Emotional Skills